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  1. Liverpool Stance On Safe Standing Discussed at Supporter Committee Meeting

    The issue of safe standing areas or rail seating was discussed at a recent supporters committee meeting held with the club towards the end of may.

    Lee Foley from the Official Liverpool Supporters Club addressed the meeting on the issue asking the following questions:

    Who is the person(s) within the Club responsible for the decision making process on this?
    Does the club consult with any external parties on this subject?
    The Spirit of Shankly has research and an on-going project among members about this issue. The Club were asked to offer a view and to input into the debate. Does it intend to?

    Liverpool Communications Director, Susan Black responded by saying, “the Club’s position has always been to support the majority view of the families who lost loved ones at Hillsborough.

    “To date, the majority view of the Hillsborough Families has been to oppose Rail Seating and the Club understands that this majority view is still in place.”

    She continued by saying, “the Club understands that the focus for the families now is any criminal prosecution against individuals and/or groups. This is expected imminently and the Club will continue to support the majority view of the families.”

    Anna Burgess who represnt’s the away fans on the supporters committee said, “whilst I understand that respecting the families has to be the main priority, but focusing answers on one particular group limits the Club’s capacity to take on board everyone’s opinion.”

    “It’s important that the Club broadens the opinion because as much as we do to talk about Hillsborough, standing itself wasn’t the cause of the disaster; the verdicts have shown this to be the case.

    “Liverpool Football Club has a voice in the debate, and it should be heard first, not last.”

    With no commitment on safe standing areas likely in the near future, the matter looks as if it will continue to be a topic for debate among the fan base whom the majority of are in favour of the areas.