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  1. Mignolet: I Will Keep Fighting To Get My Place Back

    Simon Mignolet has vowed to keep fighting to get his place as Liverpool’s number one goalkeeper back.

    Mignolet, who impressed in goal during Liverpool’s 2 – 1 victory over Tottenham in the fourth round of the EFL cup at Anfield last night is not happy to be the number two goalkeeper and has said that he can’t accept being second choice.

    “I don’t want to be a number two, that’s clear. I want to play. I will keep fighting to get my place back.”

    “I will never give up fighting firstly because that’s not in my character to just give up.”

    “Secondly because I am not in a situation where I can sit on the bench. I’m 28 years old and I want to play week in week out.

    “So I’ll work hard and I’ll never give up – giving up is not what I want to do. I see it as a challenge that I can overcome. Hopefully it will be a fair challenge based on performances put in on the pitch.”

    Mignolet has been unchallenged as Liverpool’s number one over the last few seasons and many say that the lack of competition for the coveted number one spot has meant that there has been no pressure to perform. The arrival of Loris Karius in the summer has meant that that situation has changed.

    Although Karius has failed to impress since his arrival, Klopp’s announcement that he is to remain as first choice keeper means that he will get an extended run in the team as he comes back from an injury.

    Mignolet said he’s not thinking about that. “It’s not in my character” he said.

    “The only thing I can then do is to play my best, work hard and keep my head down like I’ve always been doing. Then in the end you can’t complain that you have, how you say, let yourself down. I want to keep my head up and be professional.”

    “I can only do my job to the best of my ability – be the best I can. Hopefully I can get my chance again to show what I can do. I don’t want that to take long.”

    “I was happy with my performance against Tottenham. Sometimes as a keeper you have to help the team out in important moments and I did that.”

  2. Loris Karius is Liverpool’s No 1 Goalkeeper

    Jurgen Klopp has finally confirmed what a lot of Liverpool fans already suspected in that Loris Karius is Liverpool’s number 1 goalkeeper.

    Speaking during his pre match press conference on Monday afternoon before the EFL Cup tie with Tottenham at Anfield on Tuesday, Klopp fielded the inevitable questions about who would start in goal for the EFL cup game and what the chances were of Simon Mignolet starting the match.

    Klopp said “the chance is at 100%, That’s only if nothing happens. If anything happens in training then I don’t hope, he will play 100%.”

    When asked how Mignolet responded to not being the first choice, Klopp replied, “good. He is a real proffesional. We had a few talks because it’s not that I had the perfect answer. I couldn’t say no, you are bad and he is good and that’s why he is playing, so.”

    Loris Karius

    “I said that is what I call a luxury problem. So it’s no problem and I only have to make a decision and I made the decision.”

    “Of course he was not happy about this but as I said, he is a very serious person and a good professional and for us it the most comfortable situation I could imagine, that we have these goalkeepers fit and in shape so that’s it.”

    “A few talks. Everything is good from my side. He is not happy but nobody can see this in training. He is still hard working, improving, all what he has to do and that’s all OK”

    When it was mentioned the Klopp previously said the he didn’t have a number one goalkeeper, he responded by saying, “In this moment we have a number one. That’s Loris Karius. Like we had a number one when Loris was not fit. It was Simon.”

    “So I now know what you make of this. I can imagine but that’s the situation. That’s how the goalkeeper knows. I can not leave them in doubt.”

    “There was a short period, a short moment with the two or three games which Loris we gave him to see a bit more of him but after the last international break, I spoke to both of them and then we made this decision.”

    “Loris is in this moment number one and Simon is number two but that’s all.”

  3. Klopp Tiring Of Defensive Criticism

    It’s become obvious in recent weeks that Jurgen Klopp has started to tire of comments and questions about Liverpool’s defensive frailties. The concession of a goal from another set piece against West Brom led to the inevitable comments even after keeping a clean sheet against Man Utd in front of a packed Anfield last Monday night.

    Liverpool were comfortable and in control of the game before conceding to West Brom and it was the only defensive blip in what was, up until that point, a rock solid performance by the back four.

    Klopp said in reply to a question of what he made of the idea his defence is woeful, “Really, I’ve heard this a few times and I lose respect when people say this.”

    “If people say we have some issues with set pieces how can I say they are wrong. I think 70-80% of the goals we have conceded are from set pieces. I’m the first who knows it and we work on it.”

    “But they are all different and we are still working on it and we defended brilliantly against United, and tonight it was so difficult – but we have no defensive problem.”

    “Do you believe that we work on it?!

    “There was another team and did you see who was in it, it was like all my size going in, and they brought the set piece specialist who was injured for a long time. They are brilliant at set-pieces.

    “It is not the same problem we had last year. I like it more than they create chances whenever they want because we defend like crazy. I’m fine with this for the moment but only for the moment.”

    “We needed to be really aggressive to defend their long balls and without making fouls, and that is a challenge, but we did it brilliantly.”